While at GOD TV I was asked to create an insert that would help to show how partnering with the channel would enable them to be an even bigger influence. Pulling on the look and feel of the channel branding, I used a mixture of 2D and 3D to create a non-stop flow from start to finish. 
To re-enforce the message, I would continue to take the viewer back to the 'main character' that we saw in the beginning, as we told his 'story'.

Interesting trivia: 
If you put the 3D map of Jerusalem over the top of a map of Jerusalem, you will see it's exactly to scale. The attention to detail was important to respect those who make Jerusalem their home. It took a lot of shapes to make it, and a lot of render power to pull it together.
Software: Cinema4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator


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