While at GOD TV I was asked to create graphics for the TV series 'It's all Greek to me'. Filmed in Cyprus, each programme would focus on a different word from the Greek translation of the New Testament. 
Initially I created the logo which would incorporate Greek ceramics and the blue and white of the Greek flag. 
The concept for the titles was to create ribbons from the blue and white of the Greek flag, and take viewers through different landscapes of Cyprus, which would also include the series presenter. At the same time we would see the gold and blue mosaics forming. The ribbons would reach the mosaic work and form the 'Greek' word of the titles.
The challenge was taking 3D animated ribbons into moving 2D 4K footage, and creating a massive amount of 3D mosaics for the logo. After a lot of tests, I was able to get a good result for the tight deadline.
Software: Cinema4D, After Effects, Illustrator


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