Mega Mix is a new children's television series for TBN UK. Aimed at 5-11 year olds, it includes everything from music, to stories, to arts and craft. Most of it would be on a green screen.

For the titles I wanted to take the viewer on a journey as they travelled through the different elements of the TV programme. To achieve this I needed to model each item in 3D.

Picking up on the 80s 'synthwave' style of music which had already been created, I included various 80s items such as a boom box radio with cassette, old computer and a reel to reel tape machine.

Overall, the colour palette was bright and cheerful to hold a children's interest, even after many viewings.

It was a challenging project, especially to have the ball's movement completely reliant on gravity. But a project I am well pleased with.

Software: Cinema4D, Redshift, After Effects. 

O P E N I N G   T I T L E S

C L O S I N G   C R E D I T S

B O O K   A N I M A T I O N

3 D   S T U D I O   S E T

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