For the times when TBN UK have a programme which doesn't fit the mould, and more of a 'special' they needed branding to give it that unique feel.

It needed to be simple, elegant, have a delicate sound design, neutral colours, and be used for a variety of subject matter.

For this project I looked at a dominant monochromatic colour, and complimented with a bronze / copper. I turned to Art Deco design to give it a feeling of quality. I added the embroidery texture to show the following programme would be specially handcrafted and unique.

For this particular special, I needed to create many photo montages and to make the photos look interesting. For these I placed them in a film negative strip.

Watch the series here:

P R O G R A M M E   T I T L E S

P H O T O   M O N T A G E


L O W E R   T H I R D

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