While at GOD TV, I was asked to create the graphics for this new series. It required a massive amount of research to cover all the areas relating to end time prophecies. The next challenge came to source images relating to each area, and bring it together in a concise way. 
As the budget was tight, and only a small amount of footage available, I built the titles in Photoshop in a 'stop-motion' type way, before bringing into After Effects to animate each frame. 
There were so many layers in After Effects, that I reached the maximum layers it would show before hiding them. The created a whole new level of 'fun' when I needed to make an adjustment to a layer I could not see!
Another part of the design was the logo. I wanted to incorporate the all seeing eye from the American Dollar, and make it into a stamp / badge.
Software: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator


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